Lizzmonade is more than a glass of lemonade.
What started as a 100% natural, refreshing, and customizable drink has grown into a movement. Our roots were formed in the heart of community and this is what has allowed us to grow. We offer custom coffee, tea, and fruit sorbets, gourmet food and of course lemonade at concessions like Brooklyn Bridge Park, markets throughout the Tri-State area, and at private events.
What started as a refreshing and delicious beverage has grown into a movement. With our roots in the neighborhood market scene, the Lizzmonade experience has spread from farmers markets to weddings to brick-and-mortar concessions. And as the love for Lizzmonade has risen, we’ve realized something. It’s not just the lemonade that people love. It’s the love of local produce and in-season fruit. It’s the love of sharing customizable, fresh beverages with your loved ones or co-workers. It’s the love of making a healthy choice and enjoying it in places that don’t always give you a better option.

Lizzmonade is all of these things. And it’s you, too. Whether you’re planning a party or looking to make Lizzmonade a part of your community — you play a role in spreading the love of local support, fresh and natural food, and embracing and enhancing the world around you.