Live Love Granola is a family business born from a desire for healthy, all natural alternatives to store-bought, mass-produced, preservative-laden granola products.  Our products are made in small batches by hand, contain organic ingredients, and never contain any gluten ingredients.    You can pronounce all of our ingredients (except maybe “quinoa” for those who are still struggling with that! “keen-wah”).  You will find us at the big sunflower and are encouraged to stop by and sample our incredible products.

Our delicious granola comes in a variety of flavors to suit all tastes, from young to old.  We even have a nut-free variety that we call our “Monkey Mix.”  For the adventurous, we recommend our “Super Mix.”  It is a special blend of oats and nuts, with kale, quinoa, and spinach making this a superfood with mega-flavor!  If you prefer something more traditional, our “Original” flavor is a delicate blend of oats, honey, almonds and unsweetened coconut making it a favorite choice for many.  For the chocolate lovers, “Very Berry” fits the bill with dark chocolate chips and cranberries added to, and jazzing up, the Original mix.    Our best seller remains Blueberry Pecan.  This is a favorite for the combination of flavors and the added crunch of quinoa.

All granola flavors are sold in 11 ounce bags, $8.00 each or 2 for $15.00.

In addition to granola, we have a variety of granola bars, we call them “Go-Go Bars;” as in Granola on the Go!  They are a portable and healthy pick me up to bring with you or for the kids’ snacks.   Flavors include: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Almond, Monkey Bar, and our version of “plain” is The Original Bar:  $5.00 for a package of 4 bars.

Some of our newest and most popular items this year are our Paleo Bars.  The Paleo Bars are grain-free, dairy-free, vegan and of course, contain no gluten. Whether you follow a Paleo diet or not, these bars are a delicious treat.  The bars are offered in two delightful flavors:  Pecan Cherry and Cashew Almond.  They are sold for $5.00 for a package of 3 bars.  These are a must try!!

New this week, we are introducing our Paleo Mix.  It is a grain-free, protein-packed “granola” with just a hint of organic maple syrup.   For optimum convenience, we have packaged it in small grab-and-go single servings.  Grab one in place of your bland bag of nuts.   As an introductory offer, a package of 3 single-serve bags are $5.00 while supplies last.

We are always adding new flavors and items so feel free to stop by again and again to checkout, and sample, our new products.  We listen to the needs of our customers and try to suit their dietary requirements by offering healthy, yet tasty, granola products.   Ours is a different granola that you are sure to love.    When you are not able to attend the Roseland Farmer’s Market, you can place orders with us directly on our website:


Thank you to the Roseland Farmer’s Market and to our wonderful customers for your continued enthusiasm about our products!

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  • Live Love Granola- 3 Paleo bars per package for $5.00.
  • Don’t forget to bring any items that need sharpened to the market tomorrow to X-Calibur Knife & Scissor Sharpening



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