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Our goods are proudly 100% Italian and imported.  There are many different types of products, unfiltered olive oil, truffle oil, organic balsamic, fig and truffle balsamic. The linens are cotton and linen, weaved in rural Italy. Visit us at

Olive Oil: Founded in the late 19th century, L’Acropoli di Puglia has earned an unparalleled reputation of excellence. Maintaining the integrity of the family’s four generations of tradition, L’ Acropoli di Puglia preserves the procedure of the harvest, production, and in particular, the technique of conserving the extra virgin olive oil in cisterns hewn from calcified rock. The success of L’Acropoli di Puglia continues from its founding principles of excellence in production and passion for offering only the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Naturally, the most important element is that it is First Cold pressed, 100% Italian, 100% Olive Oil. You are getting the juice right from the olive.

Balsamic: Acetaia Terra del Tuono is a very ancient company rooted in Northern Italy since 1892, which has been owned by the same family since the beginning. The musts of different fragrances are blended with care, following our Family’s old traditional recipes, in order to achieve a perfect bouquet of scents.

Our Balsamico is a 100% all natural premium product; 100% Italian.
No food coloring, thickening agents, caramels, or preservatives added

Linens: the history of Weaving Giaquinto, tell the strength of Mamma Francesca and his daring courage, who pushed her in the thirties of the last century, to purchase the first frame and when I look around, I seem to see her again, small but strong, with a drive that also supports me in difficult times. And then her voice, which urged us when we were kids, to encourage us in the work.

The quality and uniqueness of handicrafts Giaquinto are revealed by history spanning a century, from the slow and patient preparation of yarn for weaving, with the same times Grandma Francesca took .

The history Weaving Giaquinto is the story of Salento, women silent and tireless workers, who gathered in a courtyard, weaving or embroidering a large extended family.

The secret of a good quality fabric is a warp made a work of art. old frames, wooden ones of the mid-twentieth century, which we still use, original Jacquard, with fruit, flowers and other fantasies. The final finishing are the work of skilled seamstresses, also daughters of this land, which has made them masters of this art expert and patient





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