Eden Fresh- best you ever had

Eden Fresh specializes in food (pre-packaged) without any preservatives! We have a large supply of food from the Middle East like hummus (2 types), eggplant (2 types), tahini Falafel (2 types), spicy dip, garlic and mint, halva (3 types) Baklooh (4 types), All handmade! No preservatives! Excellent taste! EDEN FRESH has extensive experience with great results! We have appeared at many farmers markets throughout the U.S. (Seattle 2012, Ohio 2103, and New York 2013. Customers love us and love to our products! We are a small focused company.  One would say we are a familial company. We truly believe in quality over quantity. We use only the freshest ingredients for the delicacies we produce, and the effect on the flavor is noticeable. The company was formed out of essence, due to lack of satisfactory alternatives. After looking for the Mediterranean taste we were accustomed to, whether in Hummus, Baba Ghanush, Falafel or Zhug – a tasty spicy dish, we started producing in our home kitchen. Fresh! Made from the base! No preservatives at all!  Everything is handmade! Fresh ingredients and fine base products (i.e. we use only olive oil, garlic powder, etc.  We don’t add flour or gluten to our products.  And all this is reflected in the excellent taste of our products! All our products are homemade from scratch, gluten free and VEGAN


Fresh and made ​​the evening before the market!  It has incredible flavor with no preservatives.

Hummus with a kick

2 teaspoons of Zhog give to the hummus the result of a hummus chick with a kick.

 Baba ganush

Eggplant mixed with sesame seeds (not mayonnaise and yogurt) can also be used as a dip or salad and Dresser pasta sauce.


As ready-to-eat delicacy and organic mix (imported from Israel) (2 products).


Ready-to-eat packaged in boxes

 Grape leave

Stuffed with rice and onion.


No sugar we do with pistachios, chocolate and vanilla layers


With honey and without butter! 4 Types


Marinade meat or fish or add to pasta or bread spread

 Garlic Mint

Marinade meat or fish or add to pasta or bread spread

Arepa Shack

Arepa Shack started as a small business based on traditional and family recipes, Arepa Shack serves all natural, gluten-free arepas which are also low in fat.  An arepa is a corn meal griddle cake stuffed with either meat, veggies, chicken, cheese, beans or avocados. Arepa Shack takes pride in knowing the ingredients they use are sourced from New Jersey farmers.


  • Baker`s Bounty Specials–  exquisite freshly baked pies. Flavors: strawberry, blueberry cherry, sugar-free , peach and blueberry-peach. Jersey Peach Cake, made with Jersey grown peaches.
  • Fantastic Thai Specials- ThaiJam Jerk Chicken – Spicy BBQ chicken on a stick Thai-Jamaican style (limited amount). Thai Green Salad w or w/o Yummy Peanut Sauce. Cooking demo class again at 6:00 pm.
  • Southwest Soul’s Specials- “Classic Gazpacho”
    a cold, savory, fresh vegetable soup. $5.00 pt. $8.00 qt. (save $2.00). Fresh red, green, and fruit salsas. Buy three salsas, get one bg. chip free.
  • Stella’s Empanadas Special– ONLY at Roseland Farmers Market this Friday, $18/dozen.
  • X-Calibur Knife & Scissor Sharpening Special- Sharpen 3 knives, get the 4th one free.


Tomato Sauce

Tomato Squash Dish