“Meet Your Farmer”

Your Farmer Mike Esposito, a lifelong “Jersey Boy”,   grew up in the business and has doing what he loves ever since!  Raised in nearby Madison, we are very proud to call him a fellow Roselander!

The demands of farming would be all consuming for most folks, but not Mike!!   Up and out before the sun rises and returning home long after it sets, he has still found time to raise more than crops and is a devoted family man.   His son David proves that the apple definitely does not fall far from the tree.  A fixture at the market working with the Muth team, Dave is every bit the gentleman as his Dad, and collectively they are two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet anywhere.   And did we mention handy?  There is NOTHING these guys can’t do!!

Speaking of which “Farmer Mike” has had some other “hobbies” during his life time.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • A master butcher (50+ years)
  • A cattle rancher and breeder (New Jersey and North Dakota)
  • A beekeeper

To say we are blessed and proud to have “Farmer Mike” as part of our market team would be a major an understatement.  He is one of the nicest and most fascinating individuals you’ll ever meet.   So the next time you visit the market take time to say hello to Mike and to thank him for being part of our team.   Mike, his son David, their partner Pat Giordano and the devoted team at Muth Family Farm are not only the anchors of our market, but valued and cherished members of our family!



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Bean Soup

Spinach Quiche 

Pear Honey